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James Baldwin

His place in American literary history and his reception in Europe-Edited by Jakob Köllhofer

Jakob Köllhofer

A symposium of American, French and German Baldwin scholars was to reevaluate the reception of the works of James Baldwin in the United States as well as in Europe. Michel Fabre reports on Baldwin's Paris - «the city which saved his life». - The reception of Baldwin in the FRG and GDR is described by Peter Freese and Friederike Hajek - Helene Christol deals with Baldwin and the American legend of masculinity - James Horton places Baldwin in the black American tradition whereas Robert Marquez indulges in the memories of a Salsa-born son - Maria Dietrich finally weighs the obituaries for a black Ishmael.
Contents: James Baldwin in Paris - The reception of Baldwin's works in the Federal Republic of Germany - James Baldwin in the GDR - One Boricua's Baldwin - Baldwin and British Section 28 - Baldwin and the «American legend of masculinity» - Obituaries for a Black Ishmael.