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Community Involvement in Nepal's Health System- With a Preface by Susan B. Rifkin-

A case study of district health services management and the Community Health Leader scheme in Kaski district


Wolfgang Bichmann

Community Involvement is a primary concern in Nepal as in other developing countries' health systems. This district case study analyses the interactions between the community and the health service providers, appraises the qualitative performance of district health services, describes the «community felt needs» as opposed to the «professionally defined needs» and assesses the degree of community participation in health achieved. Experimental use of a combination of methodological approaches to operational research is made, which seems to be promising for health systems evaluation as well as for further research into the borderland of socio-medical, anthropological and public health issues.
Contents: Community Participation in Primary Health Care - Community Health Leaders in Kaski-District - The notion of Community Participation of Community Representatives as opposed to Health Professionals - Assessing the process of community Participation - Problem analysis of district health systems.