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Papers on Semantics and Grammar


Richard. C. L. Matthews

The six revised papers collected here - two have been translated into English - address in their different ways questions relating to grammatical meaning (both semantics and pragmatics) and the analysis of constructions. Though they cover a period of about 10 years, they can be said to share a view of linguistic analysis that is holistic rather than modular and descriptive rather than generative. The topics discussed are: the semantics and pragmatics of get-passives; the semantics of epistemic modality; the status, function and analysis of participial and gerundial - ing constructions; four controversies in the analysis of modality and modal auxiliaries; the functional classification of adverbials and the pragmatics of their position; the semantics and pragmatics of prepositional phrases with for.
Contents: Semantics and pragmatics of get-passives - Semantics of epistemic modality - Participial and gerundial -ing constructions - The nature, definition and analysis of modality - Problems in adverbial classification and functions - The semantics of for.