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Shri Krishna Caitanya and the Bhakti Religion


Edmund Weber and Tilak Rej Chopra

Contents: Stimulating religious education: The Caitanya Movement - Free Love and Bhakti - A Universe of Feelings - Krishna art and the Scriptures - Indian Christian response to Bhakti - Bhakti and Christian Faith acc. to R. Otto - The pada-yatra of Caitanya - Iskcon's place in the Bengal Vaihnava tradition of Caitanya - M.S. Gupta's Visnupriya, a modern epic on the life of Caitanya - Caitanya and the six Goswamis - The symbol of norm-transgressing love according to the Sarasamgraha.
Contributors: K. Klostermaier, C.A. Keller, V. Goswami, Ch. Brooks, Bhakti Caru Sw., D. Stoodt, J. Massey, H. Röhr, Ram Das, T.R. Chopra, E. Weber.