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A Concordance to Middle English Metrical Romances

Vol. I: The Matter of England.- Vol. II: The Breton Lays.-

Mitsunori Imai and Toshio Saito

Covering as many as eleven important Middle English metrical romances, this two-volumed computerized concordance is the first and the largest in the genre ever published. The first volume includes four of the «Matter of England» romances, King Horn, Havelok the Dane, Athelston, Gamelyn. The second volume includes seven «Breton Lays», Sir Degaré, Sir Orfeo, Sir Launfal, The Earl of Toulouse, Emaré, Lay le Freine, Sir Gowther. Each volume comprises a complete concordance in the KWIC (Key Word In Context) format, a word index, an alphabetical word list, a reverse word list, and ranking frequency lists. This concordance is based primarily on the texts edited by W.H. French and C.B. Hale, Middle English Metrical Romances.
Contents: Concordance in KWIC - Word Index - Alphabetical Word List - Reverse Word List - Ranking Frequency Lists (General Ranking Frequency List and Ranking Frequency List to each individual romance).