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Therapeutic and Prophetic Narratives in Worship

A Hermeneutic Study of Testimonies and Visions. Their Potential Significance for Christian Worship and Secular Society


Jean-Daniel Plüss

Personal religious narratives, either as therapeutic testimonies or as prophetic visions, have played an essential role in shaping the liturgy of the early Pentecostal movement. The present publication takes as its aim to study these oral narratives in the light of religious, literary and social theories, in order to establish what relevance they have with regard to the secularization of Christianity.
The theses put forward are thought to be a contribution to narrative theory and practice. To theory formation, because they advocate a bilingualism in which religious and secular speech become part of the same metaphor. To religious practice, because they encourage communication in which the claims of the individual, society, and the Holy can be understood and answered responsibly.
Contents: Introduction - Part I: Theoretical Clarifications. Theological Relevance of Narrative: From Narrative to Myth in Theology - Philosophical Clarifications: Religious Meaning Disclosed in Narrative Language and Common Time - On the Phenomenon of Secularization: The Relationship between Secular Biography and Religious Testimony - Part II: A Hermeneutic of Therapeutic and Porphetic Narratives. Toward a Practical Hermeneutic of Testimony: Morphology, Metaphor, Metamorphosis - On the Value of Visionary Narratives in Pluralist Communities: Structure, Reception and Intentionality - Accessible Liturgy: Theological and Liturgical Consequences - Postlude.