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Terrorism and National Liberation

Proceedings of the International Conference on the Question of Terrorism

Hans Köchler

The book contains the papers presented at the International Conference on the Question of Terrorism organized by the International Progress Organization (Geneva, March 1987). The various researches offer a new conceptual framework for the term «terrorism». Examples of terrorist acts and their causes are being analyzed in regard to the principles of international law and human rights. Particular attention is given to the distinction between acts of terrorism and acts of national resistance. The violence of the State («State terrorism») is compared to the «reactive» violence of national liberation movements. On the basis of these analyses conclusions are drawn for a more precise terminology in regard to terrorism and international law.
Contents: Hans Koechler: Opening speech – Richard Falk: The Overall Terrorist Challenge in International Political Life – Rajab Boudabbous: Terrorisme et anti-terrorisme – Sean Macbride: Nuclear Terrorism – Ramsey Clark: The Dimensions of Terrorism – Johan Galtung: On the Causes of Terrorism and Their Removal – Philip A. Thomas/Tony Standley: Classifying Terrorism – Bassey E. Ate: Terrorism in the Context of Decolonization – Mohammed Sid-Ahmed: The Arab-Israeli Conflict and Terrorism – Reed Brody: U.S.-Sponsored Terrorism Against Nicaragua – Kader Asmal: Apartheid and Terrorism - The Case of Southern Africa – Francis Boyle: The Outstanding Crisis Between the United States and Libya over International Terrorism – Michael Farrell: A Permanent State of Emergency - The Suppression of the Irish Nationalist Revolt in Northern Ireland – Peter O’Brien: The Media and the Western Conception of Terrorism – Robert Charvin: Conception occidentale du terrorisme et manipulation d’opinion – William D. Perdue: The Selling of International Terrorism: The Reagan Administration, Israel and the American Media – Gerhard Stuby: Humanitarian International Law and International Terrorism – Louis René Beres: The Question of Terrorism Within the Framework of International Law – Amar Bentoumi: Le terrorisme et la lutte armée au regard du droit international – Majid Benchikh: La question du terrorisme international devant l’Assemblée Générale des Nations Unies – Igor Blishchenko: Acts of Terrorism Punishable under International Law.