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Dynamic Approaches to Culture Studies

Contributions to the 1st and 2nd Klagenfurt Symposia on the teaching of British and American Studies at University level


Margaret Wright

Culture Studies must be considered seriously; there is a vital need for it since the problem of intercultural understanding is so great. There must be a place for it in academic studies even if this is difficult due to its interdisciplinary character. It is difficult to define since it constitutes itself in the interaction of the learner with the foreign culture: a culture can be described but it has to be experienced. Students can study literature, linguistics and language, but must also study the element that connects these: the economic, sociological, political, historical and cultural background that explains them.
Contents: a.o. Robert Gibson: From Landeskunde to Cultural Studies: a skills and resource based approach - Prof. G. Radden: A social Profile of Newcastle upon Tyne - A Project in Cultural Studies - Dr. W. Grünzweig: An Application of Intercultural Dialogue in a Cultural Studies Curriculum - Dr. Sonja Bahn: Literature and Cultural Studies through Popular Culture? - David Wright: Excursions, an integrated part of the study of foreign languages - Prof. J. Klein: Covent Garden: Social and Cultural changes 1970-1987.