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Vigilance: Methods, Models and Regulation

Edited by Joachim P. Leonard, Institute for Occupational Medicine of the University of Düsseldorf, FRG


CEC Commission of the European and Commission of the Europ.Communities

Vigilance is a central nervous system process which can refer to both a psychological state of the organism as well as to the efficiency of operational performance. Vigilance is involved in sustaining attention and varying wakefulness. It is influenced by personality features, drugs, environmental conditions and endogenous biological factors. These interdisciplinary proceedings deal with the area of vigilance in the fields of theory and measuring methods, transport operations, monotonous situations, chronobiology and regulative mechanisms.
Contents: Vigilance: Theory and Measuring Methods - Transport Operations - Monotonous Situations - Chronobiology - Sleep and Wakefulness - Regulative Mechanisms - Individual Differences - Drugs.