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Claudius Tiberius Nero

A Critical Edition of the Play Published Anonymously in 1607


Uwe Baumann

Published some two years after Ben Jonson's famous Roman play Seianus His Fall, the anonymous Claudius Tiberius Nero (1607) covers the whole period of the notorious Tiberius' reign (14 - 37 A.D.). The anonymous dramatist, who is «well seene in Antiquities, but most especially inward with Cornelius Tacitus», presents a chronicle play revelling in malicious designs, sombre plans and bloody outrages. This critical old-spelling edition of a hitherto neglected Roman play contains a text, notes, both textual and explanatory, a detailed introduction by the editor, and five appendices with a wealth of comparative material.
Contents: Introduction: The author - The Sources - Plot and Characters; Text: Claudius Tiberius Nero - Press-Variants and Emendations of Accidentals - Commentary - Appendices.