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Efficiency in Higher Education: An Annotated Bibliography


Klaus Hüfner, Thomas R. Hummel and Einhard Rau

In these times of increasing public budgetary constraints and of shifting governmental priorities, a keen interest in efficiency problems in higher education can be observed not only in the Federal Republic of Germany, but also in many other Western European countries. Problems of the internal economics of institutions of higher education are an integral part of the economics of higher education; issues of how to identify and measure inputs and outputs, costs and returns, are clearly related to productivity and efficiency concepts in higher education.
Contents: The Identification and Measurement of Inputs and Outputs in Higher Education - The Cost Factor in Higher Education - Productivity, Cost-Benefit, and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses - Business Administration and Efficiency in Higher Education - Measurement of Research and Teaching Efficiency/Productivity - Performance Indicators in Higher Education - Bibliographies and other sources.