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International Nuclear Agreements

A Quadrilingual Glossary- With an Essay on U.S. Nuclear Exports and Non-proliferation Policy by Lawrence Scheinman and Joseph Pilat

Angelo Miatello

This multilingual Glossary – in the laborious compilation of which the Authors have been greatly assisted by a group of professional translators and experts – presents for the first time a substantial number of entries in four languages (English, French, German and Italian), whose terminology and phraseology, all bearing the appropriate normative reference, has been drawn from the official text of the most relevant international agreements on nuclear policy. Moreover, its uniqueness and timeliness is further enhanced by a thorough critical study on the status of nonproliferation by Prof. Lawrence Scheinman of Cornell University and Dr. Joseph Pilat of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Librarians, translators and interpreters as well as scholars and researchers in international law will find this volume an invaluable reference tool of specific interest.