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Shakespeare's «Antony and Cleopatra»

A Jungian Interpretation


Priscilla Murr

A close textual analysis of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra reveals the archetypal background which is still relevant in the psychological life of the author's clients. The power which the dark side of the feminine exerts on masculine consciousness; the desire of the feminine to find objectivity through this same masculine consciousness; the mutual hope of finding completion and fulfillment through the opposite: these are the themes not only of Shakespeare's play but of many people's lives.
Contents: «Whither hast thou led me Egypt?» Antony and his Anima - «O, my oblivioin is a very Antony», Cleopatra and her Animus - «The three nook'd world», the Archetype of the Trinity / Quaternity - The Archetype of the Great Mother.