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The State and Adult Education

Historical and Systematical Aspects


Franz Pöggeler

Most of the contributions to this anthology deal with various problems in the relationship between the State and Adult Education past and present. Particular attention is paid to individual states or political regions in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The volume also presents, however, papers on general aspects such as the role of Adult Education with regard to wars, revolutions, political conflicts and ways of political and governmental influence on Adult and Further Education.
Contents: Contributions by Y. Ambroise, J. Antochi, M. Boucouvalas, L. Bown, M. Brown, A. Bron-Wojciechowska, J. Field, R. Fieldhouse, M. Friedenthal-Haase, K. Garnitschnig, M.R. Hellyer, P.G.H. Hopkins, P. Jarvis, P. Keane, J.H. Knoll, K. Künzel, W. Leirman, H.B. Long, K. Miyasaka, H. Möhle, M. Omolewa, F. Pöggeler, P. Röhrig, R. Rohfeld, B. Samolovcev, I. Savicky, S. Shimada, V. Skovgaard-Petersen, D.W. Stewart, H. Stubblefield, E. Turay, L. Turos, M. Usui, M.R. Welton, M. Yamaguchi, K. Yaron, P. Yrjölä, H. Zdarzil.