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The Production of «ü» and «ö» in German

By Americans, Chinese and Turks


Michael Hager

Do different groups of non-native speakers acquire the vowels ü and ö in German in the same manner? In this work the acquisition of these vowels produced by Americans, Chinese and Turks is studied and presented for discussion.

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    • Language: reference & general (CB)
    • linguistics (CF)
      • Sociolinguistics (CFB)

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    • FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / German (FOR009000)
  • Language Arts & Disciplines (LAN)
    • LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / General (LAN000000)

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    • Language: reference & general (CB)
    • Linguistics (CF)
      • Sociolinguistics (CFB)
      • Psycholinguistics (CFD)
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