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Ezekiel in The Apocalypse

The Transformation of Prophetic Language in Revelation 16,17 - 19,10


Jean-Pierre Ruiz

As a Christian prophet who bore the testimony of Jesus, the author of Revelation addressed the churches in language which belongs to the tradition of biblical prophecy, and which engages in a purposeful reshaping of that tradition. Figuratively, John swallowed Ezekiel's scroll in order to write one of his own. This study suggests that the metaphoric unity of Revelation 16,17 - 19,10 depends on a consistent rereading of material from Ezekiel & from other texts to offer a portrait of «Babylon the Great» in terms which have a descriptive power that flows from their prophetic origins.
Contents: The Study of Old Testament Use in Revelation - The Hermeneutics of Revelation - An Analysis of Revelation 16,17 - 19,10 - The Transformation of Prophetic Language.