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The Culture of Economism

An Exploration of Barriers to Faith-as-praxis


Jane Collier

This study attempts to establish a dialogue between theology and other disciplines. It presents an interdisciplinary analysis of one specific aspect of the relationship between faith and culture - i.e., the way in which cultural presuppositions, values and norms condition action and thus Christian faith-as-praxis. The central argument is that these influences are to some extent determined by the 'culture of economism', and that their conditioning of action thus represents an interpretation of Paul's dilemma in Romans 7.14-25 which is relevant to our own historical and cultural situation. The relationship between faith and culture can therefore be seen as a theory-praxis dialectic operating both at the level of disciplinary reflection and at the level of lived faith.
Contents: Presuppositions in economics - Values in economics- The group conditioning of action - Notions of conversion - Theology of the kingdom.