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A People's Church?

The Mindanao-Sulu Church Debacle


Warren Kinne

The thesis portrays the attempt at greater lay participation and growing communion within and between local Catholic Churches in Mindanao-Sulu from 1971-1983. A focus for these varying ideologies of communion and participation was the Mindanao-Sulu Pastoral Conference and tensions were finally highlighted in the Dissociation of the Bishops from the Secretariate and the Board of the Conference. There were a number of causes for this rupture including disagreement about the nature of the church; the exercise of authority; the «this-wordly» demands of faith; and the question of armed struggle.
Contents: The Mindanao-Sulu Church in the context of its history and peoples - The story of the Mindanao-Sulu Pastoral Conference - On developing Basic Christian Communities - The underlying issues in the split between Bishops and people.