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Christological Motives and Motivated Actions in Pauline Paraenesis


Hieronymus M. Cruz

In this work the Christological motives in the paraenetic sections of the Pauline letters are studied in detail. These motives are based on the earthly Jesus, the risen Lord, the Christ to come or on the whole way of Christ. Though Paul uses several motives for Christian action, the overall and the most important motive of the Pauline paraenesis is the salvific action of God through Christ. Among the individual motives, those that are Christological stand out. They are more numerous and most basic. For Paul, Christ is the 'mover' behind all Christian action. He is the real motive in Pauline paraenesis. The awareness of this fact could pave the way for a newer, broader, and more relevant Christological Christian ethics.
Contents: Paraenesis in Paul - Motives and motivated actions based on the historical Jesus, the risen Lord, the parousia and the whole way of Christ - Christological motives and a new Christian ethics.