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The Proverb- and An Index to «The Proverb»

With an Introduction and Bibliography by Wolfgang Mieder


Edited By Hasseltine Byrd Taylor

With this reprint of Archer Taylor's celebrated book on «The Proverb» (1931) and his «An Index to »The Proverb«»(1934), the classic and comprehensive study on paremiology is once again available. It deals with definition problems, metaphorical proverbs, proverbial types, variants, proverbs in folk narratives and literature, loan translations and the classical or Biblical origin of many proverbs. Taylor also analyzes customs and superstitions reflected in proverbs; he studies legal, medical and weather proverbs; and he also investigates their content and style. Proverbial prophecies, blasons populaires, proverbial expressions, wellerisms and proverbial comparisons are dealt with as well. The large index contains many comparative and bibliographical notes on major European proverbs, and together with «the Proverb» it represents to this day the undisputed standard work on modern international paremiology.