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Corpora, Language, Teaching, and Resources: From Theory to Practice


Natalie Kübler

This volume brings together a selection of papers originally presented at the 7 th Teaching and Language Corpora Conference, which was held in Paris in 2006. The volume is divided into four parts and deals with the practice of corpus use, learner corpora, the creation of resources and tools, and the evaluation of resources. This book follows the TaLC tradition which takes into account the great vitality and huge increase in computer facilities for using corpora and creating resources in language teaching. Also, the book deals with the teaching of language-related fields, such as translation, linguistics, terminology, or even literature and cultural studies. Moreover, some articles in this volume tackle the more theoretical concepts of corpus linguistics that can be introduced in language teaching. Other articles deal with the more and more user-friendly tools that are created to help linguists compile resources appropriate to language teaching. By showing the diversity of the proposed approaches, of corpus types, and corpus analyses that can be used in teaching, this volume allows readers to follow the extremely dynamic evolution of the domain.
Contents: Natalie Kübler: Introduction – Bernhard Kettemann/Georg Marko: Data-driving Critical Discourse Analysis – Gill Philip: «…and I dropped my jaw with fear»: The role of corpora in teaching phraseology – Alex Boulton: Bringing corpora to the masses: Free and easy tools for interdisciplinary language studies – Angela Chambers: Language learning as discourse analysis: playing games in a corpus of French journalistic discourse – Maggie Charles: Corpus evidence for teaching adverbial connectors of Contrast: however, yet, rather, instead and in contrast – Josta van Rij-Heyligers: Breaking the chains of rhetorics in academia: Corpus-based research as tool for transformation in discourse? – Sylvana Krausse: Semantic preference and semantic prosody in the specialist language class – Josef Schmied: Teaching and learning contrastive linguistics using an EU translation corpus with English, German, French
and Spanish – Juan Pablo Jimenez-Caycedo/Meg Gebhard: «Expert-like» elementary narratives: A genre- and corpus-based study of L2 writing development – Maria Belen Diez Bedmar/Antonio Vicente Casas Pedrosa: The use of prepositions by Spanish learners of English at University level: a longitudinal analysis – Sara Castagnoli/Dragos Ciobanu/Kerstin Kunz/Natalie Kübler/Alexandra Volanschi: Designing a Learner Translator Corpus for Training Purposes – Mojca Pecman: How awareness of lexical combinatorion can improve second language learning: A model for analysing collocations in scientific discourse – Olympia Tsaknaki: Recognizing proverbs: A method and its applications – Philippe Martin: A language teaching software program using spontaneous speech corpora – Olivier Kraif/Agnès Tutin: Using a bilingual annotated corpus as an academic writing aid: an application for EFL users – Isabella Chiari: Teaching language variation using Italian corpora – Geoffrey Williams: The Learner’s Dictionary and the Sciences: Mismatch or no match?