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The Poetics of the Margins

Mapping Europe from the Interstices


Rossella Riccobono

This volume contains a selection of the proceedings of a conference on European problems of identity titled Europe and its Others, which was held in St Andrews in July 2007. It looks at some of the histories and stories that connect the European margins to an imagined or imaginary centre of this complex continent as seen mostly from within, and with self-reflective insights from literary, socio-historical and cinematic perspectives. By following the marginal route created by the essays, the volume juxtaposes, as in a mosaic, a range of artistic discourses produced in many European languages. Each of these discourses highlights a different perception of belonging or not belonging to Europe; and each of these discourses brings to the fore in its respective society a fresh perspective on new European territories seen not as ‘the other’ but rather as contiguous tiles in a mosaic of idiosyncrasies. Lying one next to the other, these territories engage in dialogue poetically – harmoniously or dissonantly – in an attempt to create through their juxtaposition an enigmatic poetic discourse of the margins.
Contents: Rossella Riccobono: Introduction – Ubaldo Riccobono: ‘Isle-solitudes’ and European Archaeologies in Leonardo Sciascia – Marina Spunta: Escaping the World and Returning to the ‘Province’ in Claudio Piersanti’s Fiction – Rossella Riccobono: Pier Vittorio Tondelli between Europe and Emilia: Centre and Margins in Camere separate – Margherita Sprio: Migrant Translations: Matarazzo Remembered – Eleni Papargyriou: Centralising the Marginal, Marginalising the Central: Panos Karnezis’s Prose Fiction – Kate Roy: Re-membering Hetereogeneous Histories: How the Writing of Emine Sevgi Özdamar and Leïla Sebbar Reinscribes the Other in a ‘European’ Past – Cristina Johnston: Reshaping Identities: Marseille and the Mediterranean Onscreen – Claudia Nocentini: Laura Pariani and the Value of Experience – Raquel Ribeiro: Marginal, Nomadic and Stateless: Pessoa, Musil and Kafka in the Works of Maria Gabriela Llansol.