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Hermeneutics of Metaphor, Symbol and Narrative in Faith Development Theory


Heinz Streib

This book is a theoretical inquiry into the hermeneutics of James Fowler's theory of faith development; therefore, it starts with an investigation of Fowler's theory. For an account of the hermeneutics of metaphor, symbol, and narrative, it investigates the work of Paul Ricoeur. Thus it engages in a correlative discussion; it attempts to strengthen, within a theory of the structural-developmental family, the hermeneutical perspective and presents the proposal of a contextualist model for faith development theory. In investigating Fowler's theory, and in proposing the contextualist model, the reflection focuses on: the conceptualization of faith; the model of development in faith; and the research method in faith development.
Contents: Hermeneutics in Fowler's Theory, Research, and Theological Reinterpretation - Ricoeur's Hermeneutical Perspective on Symbol, Metaphor and Narrative - Toward a Contextualist Model for Faith, Faith Development, and Faith Development Research.