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CIUTI-Forum 2009

Translating the Future: Beyond today’s academic & professional challenges

Martin Forstner, Hannelore Lee-Jahnke and Lidi Wang

The CIUTI FORUM 2009 Translating the Future focused on translation in a world in transition within the context of globalization. Recent political developments seem to be leading to a world society that is polycentric and multipolar. An international system will emerge that will be characterized by a new inter-regionalisation through a large number of interregional arrangements of various forms of economic integration projects all over the world. Following the example of the European Union, they will evolve into competing regional entities like ASEAN in Southeast Asia, NAFTA in North America, or MERCOSUR in South America. Confronted with these new geopolitical settings, the CIUTI FORUM 2009 focused on these regions which will probably develop into strong economic powers, alongside the United States and the European Union. Owing to this multi-lateralizing inter-regionalism, the exchange of goods, products and services in industry and finance will continue growing exponentially, a fact that correlates with an extremely high demand for foreign language services of all kinds. This increased need has resulted in new challenges and tasks, not only for practicing professional translators and their professional organizations, but also for translation education institutions. Contributions are made in either French or English; special stress is put on the training and intercultural communication with China, taking into account the economic and political issues, on which experts focus from an international, interdisciplinary and multifaceted perspective.
Contents: Laurent Moutinot : Mots de bienvenue – Peter Tschopp (†): Multipolar Geopolitics at the Crossroad of Politicized Economics and Economized Politics – Martin Forstner: Zur Translationspolitik der Volksrepublik China in Zeiten machtpolitischer Multipolarität und ökonomischen Interregionalismus – Wang Lidi: International Cooperation for Development of Multilingualism in Asia – Huang Youyi: Training of T&I Professionals from an Asian Perspective – Harry P. Dai: The China Market, the Interpreters and the Schools that Train them – Zhang Wen: New Challenges for Translators/Interpreters Education in Chinese Universities – François Massion: Trends Affecting the Employment Market for Translators – Marco Benedetti: The Next Generation of Conference Interpreters for the EU Institutions – Pinuccia Contino : Multilinguisme et traduction à l’œuvre à la Commission européenne – Marie-Josée de Saint Robert: UN-Translation – Olga Egorova: The Mission of the Translation and Interpretation Community in the Economic Development of Today’s Russia – Ana Paulina Peña Pollastri: MERCOSUR and its Importance for Translation Services – Hannelore Lee-Jahnke : Au-delà des enseignements académiques et professionnels : interdisciplinarité et interculturalité appliquées.