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Contemporaries in Cultural Criticism

Hartmut Heuermann and Bernd-Peter Lange

A sequel to Classics in Cultural Criticism I and II, this volume extends the synoptic view into the present and thus systematically supplements the first two volumes. The overall conception is analogous to that of the predecessors and, consistent with the general design, the book is again the fruit of a joint labor of English/American and german scholarship. The contemporary critics dealt with encompass Raymond Williams ( Tony Pinkney), Leslie Fiedler ( Walter Kühnel), E.P. Thompson ( Richard Stinshoff), Fredric Jameson ( Ingrid Kerkhoff), Daniel Bell ( Heinz Tschachler), Susan Sontag ( Gary Grieve-Carlson), James Baldwin ( Klaus Ensslen), Theodore Roszak ( Thomas R. West), Edward Said ( Günter H. Lenz), Christopher Lasch / Rosita Becke), Stuart Hall ( Ingrid von Rosenberg), Kate Millett ( Blanche Linden-Ward), C.L.R. James ( Jens David), Adrienne Rich ( Elizabeth Meese), Neil Postmann ( Peter Ludes).
The book is prefaced by the editors and again features bibliographies of the works of all critics under discussion.