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Hyphenated Christians

Towards a Better Understanding of Dual Religious Belonging


Gideon Goosen

This book aims to explore the reality of dual religious belonging and to promote a better understanding of this concept. With this purpose in mind, the author examines changes in the global religious landscape in recent decades and analyses the theory of dual (or multiple) belonging, as well as discussing dual religious ‘belongers’ such as Henri Le Saux, Jules Monchanin, Bede Griffiths and Raimundo Panikkar. The book also explores the critical elements of a theology of dual belonging by examining the sense of ‘self’; the Buddhist idea of ‘no-self’; religious identity; the symbol as a means of divine communication; the notion of truth; and the concept of how God speaks through different religions. Finally, the author considers the crucial idea of ‘conversion’ or ‘transformation’.

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