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Surveys in Linguistics and Language Teaching II

Cultural Awareness, Language Competence and Literature


Wafik W. H. Kelliny

This volume attempts to marry theoretical perspectives and empirical insights from applied linguistics with those from literature teaching and culture. The ten papers represent viewpoints from a global perspective.
Part I examines the point of departure, the different routes as well as the destination towards creating linguistic, literary and cultural awareness through the use, and not the abuse, of the 'authentic' source of knowledge, literature.
Part II discusses the potential benefits literature offers second/foreign language instruction. Papers examing theoretical and empirical findings, while regarding literature as the written linguistic manifestation of authors' cultures.
Part III evaluates different approaches to the teaching of English literature taking into account the linguistic and cultural barriers, referring to the findings, of case studies. Difficulties encountered when teaching literature in English to ESL students are defined and approaches to overcome expected barriers are suggested.
The Editor: Dr. Kelliny is an associate professor of English at the University of Bahrain, where he teaches courses in applied linguistics, in English as a second language, and in methodology. He has also taught in Egypt and Great Britain. He is the author of Language Communicative Needs: Two Case Studies, published in European University Studies, Linguistics. Vol. 56. He is also the editor of Surveys in Linguistics and Language Teaching, a sub-series of Linguistics, European University Studies; Vol. 67 is one of Dr. Kelliny's earlier publications.