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Non-Invasive Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement

Methods, Evaluations and Applications of the Vascular Unloading Technique (Peñaz-Method)-Edited by Heinz Rüddel and Immo Curio

Heinrich Peter Rüddel and Immo Curio

Peñaz was the first to describe a servo control system for non-invasive and continuous blood pressure measurement at the finger. However, until recently no such device was commercially available. This book summarizes latest technical developments and validation studies comparing different methods of blood pressure measurement. Distinguished researchers describe applications of the FINAPRES TH system in basic and applied research, Clinical Pharmacology, in Cardiovascular Psychophysiology, Sleep Research, Sports Medicine, Behavioral Medicine and Psychotherapy.
Contents: Methods of measuring arterial blood pressure at the finger - Comparisons of different methods for blood pressure recording - Blood pressure monitoring in the hemodynamic laboratory.