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Covenant and Liberation

Giving new heart to God's endangered family


Chris Baker

This book springs from the practical interaction of two absorbing interests: in covenant, thanks to many years of lecturing on the Scriptures, in which covenants provide a sure road from start to finish of the Bible; and in liberation, an interest sharpened by more than a decade of working in a Lima parish with people struggling desperately to break free from the cycle of poverty, oppression and premature death. Theirs is part of the struggle for liberation throughout Latin America and many other parts of our global home. Reflecting with the poor on their situation in the light of the Scriptures has led to a fuller realization that covenant and liberation are two sides of the same coin - liberation is for covenant, and covenant is to consolidate and promote freedom as befits God's family. First comes a synthesis of the biblical covenants, indicating their continuity but also the unique characteristics of each one. Special attention is paid to the new covenant, often reflected in terms of kingdom, community, family and mutual love. Then it is indicated how new light may be drawn from such a central biblical theme in order to view correctly and share personally in today's liberation struggles.
Contents: Covenant as central to the Bible - What is a biblical covenant? - Initial rudimentary covenants - Covenant with Abraham - With a liberated nation - Covenant in Dt & Deuteronomic History (incl. Davidic) - In the Prophets - In Wisdom, Psalms and Qumran - In Mk & Mt - In Lk & Acts - In Jn & 1-3 Jn - In (other) Epistles & Apoc. - Covenant dimension in liberation theology.