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The Christology of Mark

Does Mark's christology support the Chalcedonian formula «truly man and truly God»?


Javier-José Marin-Herzog

In our world of research, logics and measurement many of the ideas of (the New Testament and of) the Fathers (pre-existence, incarnation, Virgin Birth, demons,etc.) are today no longer acceptable. For those people who, like the author, see in the Chalcedonian Jesus Christ a mythological creature, Markus' christology is an alternative which at present will surely be more welcome. «Jesus could be, ontologically speaking, nothing more than a man and, nevertheless, he could have been used by God... in a unique way for the sake of our salvation».
Contents: Among others: Jesus' relationship to the Markan concept of Man (The origin of Jesus - The Nature of Jesus) - Jesus' relationship to the Markan concept of God (The messianic, saving authority of Jesus) - Mark's christology as a contribution to the problem of theology and christology today.