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An Outline of the Philosophical Anthropology

Stanislaw Kowalczyk

What is the nature, origin and destiny of man? These questions are vital not only to the philosophy. This book is an attempt to unite the classic thomistic philosophy with the phenomenological method. The first part of the book contains methodological remarks connected with the transition from the phenomenology to the metaphysics of man. The second part of the paper gives a phenomenological description of man: his corporeity, main attributes and activity - external and internal. The final part of anthropology is the metaphysics of man. Human being is the substantial self, the personal «I», a psycho-somatic reality endowed with mental faculties. The book discusses also the problems of death and immortality, the relation between an individual person and social community.
Contents: Currents in personalistic anthropology, love, freedom, labour, conscience, religious experience - Person and personality - Creationism and evolution - Human soul - Humanism and personalism.