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Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

A New Religious Movement in Nigeria


Friday M. Mbon

This is a pioneer study of contemporary Nigeria's most controversial new religious movement known as Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS). After discussing the biography of the charismatic and enigmatic founder and leader of the movement, the book examines its beliefs and practices and the social and religious impact they have had on its thousands of adherents who come from all social strata in Africa, the Americas, Europe, India, and the West Indies, many of them drawn from mainline Christian churches. Attention is paid to the way the founder of BCS reinterprets familiar Christian doctrines. The book ends with a chapter in which the author applies to BCS certain theories from the Sociology of Religion.
Contents: Biography of leader Olumba Olumba Obu, founder and leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star - History and beginnings of the movement - Structure and Organization of the movement - Beliefs and Practices - Social Impact and Public Response - Brotherhoodism in sociological theoretical perspectives.