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Focusing in English and Korean


See-Young Cho

English and Korean have various ways of expressing grammatical prominence. While focusing in English has been studied over the past twenty years by a number of generative and functional grammarians, there is as yet no comprehensive treatment of focus phenomena in Korean. This monograph treats five focusing constructions of English and looks at their grammatical and lexical equivalents in Korean. English and Korean are different typologically. Since this difference is important, if one wishes to make sense of the diverging focusing strategies in these two languages, it is necessary to give a typological outline of English and Korean. The follwing two typological approaches figure prominently in this monograph: the basic word order typology developed by Greenberg, and the language typology proposed by Li and Thompson.
Contents: Views on Korean basic word order - Korean as a topic and subject-prominent language - Topic and comment in English and Korean - Focusing and language typology.