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Practice and Problems in English Grammar and Usage


Werner Welte and Glen Johnston

This book aims to bridge the gap between theoretical and didactic grammar by familiarizing students with traditional terminology and notorious problem areas of English grammar - often otherwise ignored or neglected - and presenting them with a range of carefully chosen practice questions including challenging translation exercises for German students. Because it is often not simply ungrammaticality, but a certain un-Englishness, oddness, or awkwardness that marks students' English, this book is also a workbook on usage and style. A grammatical workbook and textbook in one, it has the unique advantage that almost all practice questions can be answered on the basis of information provided within the book and as a result can be used for individual study as well as school and university work. It will greatly help reinforce students' knowledge of grammar and give students the much needed practice and training in not only grammatically correct, but stylistically appropriate and natural English usage.
Contents: Nouns and Noun Phrases - Adjectives and Adjective Phrases - Structures of the Noun Phrase - Pronouns - Adverbs and Adverbials - Verbs and Verbal Phrases - Structures of the Verb Phrase - Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases - Conjunctions - Interjections - Bibliography.