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Zaumnyi futurizm i dadaizm v russkoj kul'ture- Futurismo transmentale nella cultura russa

Futurismo transmentale nella cultura russa


Luigi Magarotto, Marzio Marzaduri and Daniela Rizzi

This book contains contributions in Russian, Italian, French and English.
This book deals with the artistic trend of Russian culture at the beginning of the 20th Century, known as zaumnyj futurizm, the leading poets of which were V. Chlebnikov, I. Zdanevic, A. Krucenych and I. Terent'ev. Special attention is given to the most important Russian Futurist Poet, V. Chlebnikov, to whom the first part of the book is devoted. The link between transmental futurism and dadaism is also considered in this volume. There is an analysis of the history of transmental futurism from its beginning to I. Zdanevic's later works as an emigrant. Aspects of the poetics of transmental futurism in the works of Elena Guro, Boris Ender and oberiuty are also stressed.
Contents: V. Chlebnikov as theorist and poet - The work of I. Zdanevic before and after emigration - The experimental writings of K. Malevic and B. Ender in the field of transmental futurism - Memoirs making reference to I. Terent'ev - Mathematics and zaum' - Oberiuty and zaum' - zaum' and dadaism in Georgia.