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English Literature and the University Curriculum


Wolfgang Zach

Which role is played by English literature in the modern world and specifically in university teaching? This question is explored in two international surveys and twenty-six contributions by scholars from all parts of the world. Basic information is provided on the current position of English literature(s) in the international university curriculum as well as on the main problems and new developments in university organization, teaching and studying. Special emphasis is put on discussing the future of English literature and literary studies, particularly the consequences resulting from the powerful social role of the audiovisual media and the development of 'English literature' into 'Literature(s) in English'.
Contents: Contributions by M. Capuzzo, W. Hölbling, A. Sarbu, M. Massoud, P. Egri, K. Versluys, M.H. Mutran, H.Real, T.O'Brien-Johnson, M. Croghan, R. Clark, L. James, P. DeLogu, A. Halpé, M. Murphy, G. Devi, P. Szaffko, M. Jurak, W. Mursi, A.M. Salama, M. Promathatavedi, A. Mohammed, M. Shackleton, M.B. Raizis, P.F. Botheroyd, R.A. Cave, W. Zach.