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Advanced Study Programmes for Key Persons and Cross-cultural Dialogue North-South-East-West

Proceedings of the 6th EARDHE Conference, Berlin October 1st - 5th, 1990


Brigitte Berendt and Joachim Stary

The publication contains the proceedings of the 6th-Conference of the European Association for Research and Development in Higher Education (EARDHE) with contributions by participants from 25 nations. Main aim is the improvement of cross-cultural dialogue in the field of advanced study programmes for key persons. Welcome addresses, introduction, conference papers, reports of 3 working groups (North-South Dialogue, East-West Dialogue, Network and Other Forms of Cross-cultural Dialogue) contain case studies and analyses of problems in planning, organizing, evaluating and follow-up in the field. Approaches to solutions are developed, based on theoretical and practical results e.g.: transfer of knowledge and technology is not possible, forms of cross-cultural dialogue should be developed which include the analysis of needs, situations, values and the political, economical, historical and cultural background.
Contents: Keynote addresses by representatives of UNESCO, IAU, DSE, CDG - Models of cooperation and collaboration in different disciplines - UNESCO-projects UNITWIN and ENSDHE - DSE and AAU programmes - Courses in Market Economics - Networks and programmes for improving teaching and learning - International USC Courses in Agriculture - Analytical models on teaching and learning in foreign cultures.