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The Ethics of Struggle for Liberation

Towards a Personalistic Interpretation of the Principle of Non-Violence


Alfred M. Wierzbicki

The author of this book deals in particular with issues which illuminate the struggle for liberation. He considers two alternative ways of liberation, i.e liberation by violent, or by non-violent means. He points out the difference in the anthropological foundation which underlies both kinds of ethics. His investigation is an attempt at a personalistic interpretation of non-violence. He explores philosophically the experience of the value of the human person as it manifests itself when violated in different ways and in different kinds of oppression. He also presents the practical consequences of the corresponding philosophies, by enlarging on the philosophies of Marx and von Clausewitz on the one hand, and on Gandhi's satyagraha on the other.
Contents: The challenge of injustice: violence or non-violence - The philosophies of violence: Hegel, Marx, von Clausewitz - The personalistic foundation of non-violence - Gandhi's satyagraha as a model for non-violence.