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Aletheia: An International Yearbook of Philosophy

Truth and Value: Volume 5


Josef Seifert

Edmund Husserl has said of Hildebrand's doctoral thesis, which appeared in the Jahrbuch für Philosophie und phänomenologische Forschung as Die Idee der sittlichen Handlung, 'I can only propose for this important work the predicate opus eximium (of the highest excellence).'
This volume comprises the most complete secondary resource on the thought of Dietrich von Hildebrand, the background of his phenomenological realism, and its relation to the thought of other important thinkers such as Kant, Marcel, St. Thomas, and Nietzsche.
The issue contains a previously unpublished work by Edmund Husserl, and a commentary by Karl Schuhmann concerning the relation between Husserl and Hildebrand. Also included, and of interest to a variety of readers, is a historical treatise on the fight which Hildebrand led against the Nazi party, a fight which forced him into exile and nearly cost him his life. The most complete bibliography of Hildebrand's writings to date is included as a tool to further research in the philosophy of Hildebrand.
When one considers the quality, breadth, and sheer quantity of Hildebrand's writings, it is astonishing that his work has not received more attention. It is hoped that this issue will further the thought of this philosopher who was so highly esteemed by the like of Edmund Husserl, Max Scheler, Adolf Reinach and Gabriel Marcel.