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Classical Judaism: Torah, Learning, Virtue

An Anthology of the Mishnah, Talmud, and Midrash- Volume Two: Learning


Jacob Neusner

This three-part anthology presents Classical Judaism in accord with its native categories, Torah, learning, and virtue. These correspond to the categories that a religious system will define for itself: world view, way of life, and theory of the social order that maintains the view and realizes it in its shared existence. By presenting substantial samples of the writings of that Judaism, the three volumes afford direct access to the way in which, in its own words, that Judaism makes its statement. Readers are introduced through extensive selections to the character of Judaism through the kinds of writing that serve as its medium - Midrash, Mishnah, Talmud, stories about sages. The first part of the anthology speaks of the Torah, meaning, the written Torah and how it is read in Scripture. The second addresses the Mishnah, that is, the first document of the oral Torah, and further introduces the Talmuds and explains how these are to be read. Both of these volumes begin with essays on hermeneutics. The third volume sets forth the way in which the sage is represented as a medium through which the Torah of Sinai is set forth.
Contents: World View - Way of life - Theory of the Social Order - Stories about Sages - Hermeneutics.