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Diachrony within Synchrony: Language History and Cognition

Papers from the International Symposium at the University of Duisburg 26-28 March 1990


Günter Kellermann and Michael D. Morrissey

The articles in this collection are centred around the question of what can be meant by assuming that change is a property of language. Either from general points of view, or in the light of specific examples, the following main topics are discussed: language use and language change as interrelated manifestations of human cognition; the directionality of linguistic development; the predictability of language change; methods of semantic reconstruction; aims of explaining language change and restrictions in doing so; the relationship between cognitive linguistics and philology.
Contents: Explaining language change: Problems and proposals. Language change from cognitive points of view; relevant examples of phonetic change, of diachronic morphology and syntax, and of diachronic lexical semantics.