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Final Words

Discoveries of a manuscript "Dictionary of Constructions</I> by H. Poutsma


Frits Stuurman

H. Poutsma (1856-1937) is still well known among students of English grammar and its history; mainly, often exclusively, because of his monumental Grammar of Late Modern English. The present monograph extends the canonical basis for appraisal of Poutsma's achievements: Final Words is the first report on work of Poutsma's that has remained unpublished, and thus so far essentially unknown.
Apart from ample information on Poutsma and his Dictionary, Final Words initiates interpretation. In argumentation from a range of perspectives, the main line is that in his experimental Dictionary culminates Poutsma's discomfort with respect to orthodox grammar and its preconception of generalization; which anticipates in salient ways some recent developments towards individualization in comprehensive descriptions of English and of languages in general.
Contents: Table of contents, preface, Introduction - Perspectives - Previous documentation - The Oxford manuscript - Revision - Conclusions, appendixes, bibliography, index of names.