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Christ, the African King

New Testament Christology


Ukachukwu Chris Manus

Studies on Christology in contemporary Africa have been so far centred around the titles Liberator, Healer, Ancestor, Immanuel, Nganga and so on. Cast in such local categories, Christ is presented as fulfilling all cultures. Christ, the African King, one such effort, presents a fascinating ethnographical description of four African most celebrated traditional kingships. Ethno-historical data for biblical studies are uncovered. With the multi-disciplinary approach, the sketched African background furnishes the raw material for the elaboration of King Christology which has serious implications on liturgy, the ecclesial community and the African socio-political arena. The work is thus a cross-cultural presentation of NT theology in harmony with Africa's royal heritage. It points up, inter alia, rich ideas for contextualization and inculturation of Christianity in Africa.
Contents: Methodological Questions - African Worldview - Images of Jesus in Africa - Yoruba-Ganda Kingdoms - Shilluk-Zulu Kingdoms - Jesus of Nazareth - Kingdom of God - Kingship of Jesus - African And New Testament Ideas - King-Christology - Contextual Implications.