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Chronobiology & Chronomedicine

Basic Research and Applications- Proceedings of the 7th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Chronobiology, Marburg 1991


Günther Hildebrandt, Rudolf Moog and Christoph Gutenbrunner

This volume covers the recent developments in chronobiology in both East and West Europe. It mirrors the advances of Chronomedicine, the increasing interest for the inherent time structure of living systems, and their interactions with the external world, as well as their practical applications, as presented by distinguished scientist at the VIIth annual meeting of the European Society for Chronobiology in Marburg 1991.
Contents: Chronobiology - Chronomedicine - Coordination and interaction - Entrainment - Photoperiod - Light effects - Development and aging - Basic and cellular aspects - Monitoring and data analysis - Occupational aspects - Chronopharmacology and Toxicology - Clinical aspects - Coupled Oscillators, Chronobiological Aspects of Physical Medicine and Cure Treatment.