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Distance Education as Two-way Communication

Essays in Honour of Börje Holmberg

Gerhard Ortner, Kurt Graff and Harald Wilmersdoerfer

This book deals with one of the most urgent and complicated problems higher education is facing worldwide in our days. It is about communication between those who teach at academic level and those who want to develop themselves by means of academic studies. On their way from small and aristocratic elite-breeding institutions to huge and democratic mass-educating organisations, universities all over the world have lost some of their traditional communicative qualities. The key problem of higher education today is also the main long-term endevour of distance education: the communication between teacher and student. A book about communication in higher education - be it face-to-face or at a distance - without any doubt has to be a book about two-way communication. However, a book about two-way communication in higher education has to be a book about the work and the personality of the great old man of distance-education research in Europe: Börje Holmberg.
Contents: Distance education as individual and social interchange - Politics and perspectives - Theory and methodology - Technology and information.