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Being and My Being

Gabriel Marcel's Metaphysics of Incarnation


Joseph Konickal

This thesis consists of seven chapters, divided into three parts, and an appraisal of Marcellian metaphysics of incarnate person. The first part, Philosophy: An Experiential Search for Truth, elaborates in three chapters the main lines of Marcellian experiential philosophy. Man as an incarnate being is a being-with-others-in-the-world. This realm of multi-dimensional relations is the intelligible milieu of metaphysics. Philosophy is a search for truth and philosopher is the one who waits upon the revelations of truth. Philosophy is a total act of the whole person. The second part, Experience of Incarnation: The Fundamental Experience, in two chapters, elucidates the Marcellian reflections upon man's incarnate condition. Special attention is given to sensation as participation and to the expression I am my body. The third part, Man: The Quest for Being and the Question of Being, in two chapters considers the question of being from the background of the inseparable relationship between the mystery of being and the mystery of man's incarnate and itinerant condition. According to Marcel «to raise the ontological question is to raise the question of being as a whole and of oneself seen as a totality».
Contents: Existence and «we realm» - Philosophy is a search - Concrete Universality - Concrete Philosophizing - Experience of Incarnation: the primary human experience - Intersubjectivity - Theory of second reflection - Problem and Mystery - Incarnation - Sensation - «I am my body» - The body: Frontier between being and having - Ontological status of man the questioner - The Person and reverberations of Being - Being as foundation and plenitude.