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The Anthropology of Self - Person and Myth in Africa

A Philosophical Reflection on Man in South-East-Africa


Raphael Kigunga

The Anthropology of Self - Person, Myth in Africa is a display of what man is and not what man has; it is a correction of misconception of man (in Africa). «Is» assumes a paradoxical approach to human reality (totality of being); man exists as a question to himself, hence he cannot be defined empirically only. The author portrays living as taking position against oneself-closedness; it is a call for dialogue and democracy to embrace clear, non-clear, meaningful and non-meaningful items. These aspects are basic dimensions of myth as opposed to monology and dictatorship. Myth in Africa is a disclosure to human actuality highlighting daily life activities against various ideologies in the present Africa (World). This book might inspire everyone concerned in the study of man, politics and general African Studies.
The Author: Raphael Kigunga was born in 1950 at Mfindi District in Tanzania. He studied Philosophy, Morals, and Religious Sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven). In 1988 he completed his dissertation in Philosophical Anthropology at Mannin University (U.K.). Since then he is a co-worker at the Philosophical Research Center in his home country Tanzania.