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Etudes de réception- Reception Studies

Reception Studies


Eva Kushner

This volume consists of 21 papers by internationally known Comparative Literature scholars on the reception of literature. More and more attention is being paid in literary studies to the manner in which texts are received by their readership (as opposed to studying their genesis, or analyzing their structure). Here, the emphasis is on the reading of texts, as part of the historical continuum of literature. Reception studies offer an extraordinary variety of perspectives, in addition to the present division between those deriving their problematics from the reading strategies implicit in the text itself and those in the process of constituting an empirical field of knowledge of reader responses, which includes verfication processes. The volume also includes a rich spectrum of practical studies from a variety of languages, cultures, genres and movements. Every study shows the vitality of literary works even as they are transmitted - and transformed - from culture to culture. The book opens with a short introduction on the history of reception studies.