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Proceedings of the International Coastal Congress ICC-Kiel '92

Interdisciplinary Discussion of Coastal Research and Coastal Management Issues and Problems

Horst Sterr, Jakobus Hofstede and Hans-Peter Plag

The contributions to this book cover a wide range of subjects from a variety of coastrelated fields, from coastal regions in Europe and beyond. They are mainly aimed at identifying urgent problems within the coastal zones of these regions and at making a contribution to their solution. Future climate-depending risks for coastal areas (e.g. erosion, flooding), their conservation and protection make up a central part of these issues of concern. With respect to the program structure a division was made according to the overall list of proposed topics into both thematic and regional topical sessions.
Contents: Coastal Development - Modern Coastal Processes - Process Modelling - Coastal Ecology - Coast Related GIS - Coastal Management and Planning.