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Accounting Principles and Concepts

An Analytical Approach


R. Dent d'Almuano

This book is a philosophical analysis of accounting. The causes and effects in accountancy have been studied by the author – general principles and concepts of accounting as causes and the accounting techniques and procedures as effects. A new accounting principle – the informative principle – is presented; and for the first time in accounting literature, a «dynamic» relation between the income statement and the balance sheet has been illustrated. This book not only answers the question of how in accounting, but also answers the question of why.
Throughout the book, a great number of new ideas are introduced by the author. While studying accounting practice to probe the role and impact of accounting principles, a number of present day accounting practices are criticized by the author. For example, she does not regard «income tax» as an expense; she considers «bad debt expense» as a contra-sale account; and she believes that the nature and structure of the balance sheet should be studied under a combined claim-contribution approach.